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Day 30 and Day 31 - That's a Wrap!

On Sunday I started making some samples for a new cutting file - bells! I hope to make some ornaments this week and be able to take photos on Saturday. I sold some craft punches on a buy sell trade site called Kijiji here in Canada and met a lady for coffee who bought them. It's always nice when people pick up their Kijijis.

Last night we had lots of kids show up for Halloween, but we ran out of treats early around 7:30pm. I have been working on reorganizing my office/craft room, so I cleaned up a little in anticipation of a trip to IKEA soon! I keep telling hubs that I'm beyond help, that all the organizational things in the world can't help me, but he has a lot more faith than I :-)


We made it!

Another October has come to an end, and so has NaCraMaMo for 2016. I hope you all had a good time getting your craft on!

Once I get through this week and muck out my craft room (everything from the living room muck out went there for the party last weekend), I'm going to embark on My Personal Challenge (MPC) to craft all the way through to December 24!
Please join me in the challenge, or feel free to use this community to showcase your WIPs for the upcoming gift-giving season!

Thanks, everyone!


Last week I was able to work on my blanket for a few hours over acouple days. I had more progress, but found I had added acouple stitches somewhere and had to pull three rows. :( But I fixed it and it looks better now.

That's the bottom of one side of the 'A' and the tail of the 'y'. The 'y' is a little weird, but it's still readable from far away, so I'm not pulling it.

And the bottom of all the letters! When complete it should read "As you wish."

We carved pumpkins this year. I did the owl with the jack o'lantern, my husband did the ghost, and my daughter did the jack o'lantern (well, sort of, my husband did most of it lol).

Days 30 and 31 - The dreaded back stitch!

Day 30


Day 31


I was going to do more today, and then I realized that I wasn't quite done with the crosses. I seem to have missed some on the edge of the cloak where I am backstitching. And it's late enough that my eyes are too tired to figure out the correct purple that goes there.

TA-DA! We've reached the end of the month!

Day 29 - Death by chocolate!

I made a third cake (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!) plus a dozen cupcakes for today's birthday party, and this is what was left (of this cake, and all the cupcakes were consumed):


We had around 30 people; it's a really good thing that I made the chocolate cake!


Day 28, Day 29

I really thought that I would have more variety for October , but it's been cardmaking and more cardmaking! I finally finished the Christmas cards today after working on them last night. Most of them were sold already , so I am glad I could get them done.

They are a one off. I was die cutting metallic foil paper and ran into so many problems despite the initial success . The paper was picking up the holes in the die and the pieces were coming out with bumps. I tried tricks like using a dryer sheet and trying to cut with a piece of cardstock on top, but it kept sticking together. I don't know if my cutting pads for the Big Shot are too worn or my Big Shot is putting out too much pressure. It took a lot more time to assemble them than I thought too!


I've not had a lot of time these past couple of days, so I DID work on the Sorceress as a take-along.


Today, I baked a couple of cakes for the girls' birthday party tomorrow. Apologies for the crappy pictures; maybe I'll get some better ones in the daylight.)

20161028a 20161028b

Day 27 - cards complete!

Whew!!! 16 of these babies in three 2 hour episodes of Poirot :-D The card swap takes place next week, so I can't wait to see what everyone else did.


Day 26 - Crosses are DONE!

I got some stitching time while the kids were playing at the playground, and I FINISHED all the crosses!


The backstitching and other finishing stitches will really make this piece. However, I think I'm going to take a break from this project for a little bit.

Day 23-26

So, so much card making!

I got tired of making the silver and gold Christmas cards after Sunday and Monday and got started on a swap for my craft club. 16 people signed up! I came up with the design and had to write out all the steps because it seemed like an enormous task. It actually really helped! Last night I cut the card blanks, stuffed the clear sleeves with envelopes and measured paper for the die cuts. Then this morning before work I started die cutting the shapes with my Big Shot.

Tonight I stamped the face of the cards, birds and branches. I'll try to get photos tomorrow. It was actually pretty relaxing to do all the stamping. Work has been so stressful these past couple days!
I've been failing miserably at crafting this month. I've been so tired and then busy, I just haven't been able to do much. :(

Here's a few things I have been able to do:

I made a shirt for Spirit day. I took a shirt I bought a while ago and just did an iron on on the back.

I dyed a pair of shoes for my daughter's Halloween costume because we couldn't find any green ones. (They were white)

And today I did on iron on for my Halloween costume.

Days 24 and 25 - Slow, but close

I've had a profound spoon deficit lately, and it's been really late by the time I get around to doing any crafting. Oh so slowly, I am nearing the completion of the crosses!


Just one week left in the challenge!

Day 25

I've finished 2 ornaments, except for cutting them out and sewing a few beads on. I'll hopefully do that tomorrow.


Days 22 - 23

I literally fell asleep trying to post this last night!

2 days of work on The Sorceress. Not much; I've been doing a lot of cleaning work in preparation of my girls' birthday party next Saturday. It also took me a while to decide on the skin color. (I decided to do something different than the pattern specified).


Day 23

I was bad and skipped crafting all of last week. My mom was visiting me and we were really busy running around every day, and I only had a few hours at home at the end of the day and I was too worn out and busy with catching up on other stuff to craft by then. I'm getting back to it now though!

Tonight I sewed an entire project, yay! I have little pockets I've sewn in the back of my messenger bag (my normal everyday bag) for keeping important stuff like my wallet and my keys in so I'm not digging through the tons of other stuff I keep in there trying to find them. I just got my first smartphone and it's too big to fit in the pocket with my wallet like my old one did, so I had to sew a new pocket for it. So I did that tonight. The whole thing only took about an hour and a half, and it would've been faster if I hadn't had some frustration with my thread breaking. The needle kept coming unthreaded and I thought I just wasn't pulling out enough extra thread like you're supposed to do to keep that from happening, but eventually I figured out that it was actually breaking cos it's cheap. I'm going to throw out all my cheap thread and buy some nicer stuff from my neighborhood fabric store cos apparently it really does make a difference. Other than that it was smooth sailing though. It's so much easier to sew now that I figured out how to get the feed dogs working and keep the thread from bunching up under the fabric, which were always my two main frustrations with sewing.

Anyway, the pocket came out great! I made it exactly the right size and the fabric I used is supercute. And it'll be so easy to have my phone right there.

Here's the pocket:


And here it is in my bag with my other ones for other stuff:




Day 21 - Barely seen

Today, I pulled out some of the cream that I put in wrong. Then I stitched white. White-on-white really doesn't show up well in pictures.


Day 21

Current location: The backstitch-and-French-knots level of hell.


Day 20 - My "babies" are five!

My twin girls turned 5 today!

To start off today's crafting, I made them scarves. I had fleece left from when I made them sleep sacks oh, four years ago. The pieces weren't quite long enough, but when I looked through my stash, I found some faux lamb wool that would make very nice ends. (The purple is a true purple, not as blue in the pic.) I still need to sew the open end closed, but I can do that tomorrow.


Then, of course, I made the cakes, completely from scratch! Banana with chocolate icing, and yellow with vanilla frosting. They were yummy!


Day 19

I'm still crafting, I promise! Almost finished the first Christmas ornament. A little bit behind schedule, but I'll try to catch up.

Days 18 and 19 - Much Maroon

Day 18

I prodded the girls into finishing the Halloween ornaments, and I sat down and sewed 18 goodie bags from a sheet in my stash; it's almost the school colors.


Day 19

I finished the last three goodie bags, and hemmed the remaining fabric already cut out to make napkins. I used nearly a whole spool of thread on this project!


And then I put together all the goodie bags. These are the ones for my girls.


I was tempted, and I fell

I have been mostly knitting lately.... and I have 2 projects (1 almost done) which I want to do for the Yuletide season...

But. I have loved embroidery for 50 years now. And we got a catalog that had 2 tempting kits (3 items each): Hardanger "snowflakes"; and "Celtic" Santas with counted X-stitch and beads.

And now I have both.

At least I've been resisting buying more yarn for knitting! Although I am getting tempted to get into crochet...

Day 14-17

Have you ever watched that episode of BBBT where Penny makes penny blossoms flower decorations? That's how I felt over the weekend. I made a Chrismtas card, costed out the materials and put it up on Facebook in case my friends wanted to order some. Whoo...I thought I would be making 10 cards, but I ended up with 25. I actually had to make a list of all the steps involved to make them as efficiently as possible. While I had enough supplies on hand to make ten, I needed more, which I was hoping would arrive today. Maybe tomorrow!

Making Christmas cards today!

Day 18: Me and My Pazzles

I think I have had my Pazzles cutter for about ten years now - I remember what a crazy big purchase it was at the time. I'm test cutting a new SVG file - some bells!


Day 17 - Kids and Halloween

It's a custom of my kids' class that non-food goodies are given to one's classmates on one's birthday. (Some of the goodie bags have been truly fantastic.) My girls have their birthday this week. My mom gave me a bunch of wooden Halloween ornaments recently, and I thought the girls might like to decorate those to give to their classmates. Grandma also provided some paints, glitter glue, and "jewels".

20161017a 20161017b

I painted all the edges that were still bare wood.


And I also decorated some ornaments for my girls.


The whole bunch that got done today!


I think there are still 10 more to do. I'm not even bothering to clean the living room...

Day 16 - Bits and bobs

I cleared off my fireplace mantle today (I still had Easter decorations up there!), and found a long-forgotten plush tribble that had popped a seam. A little thread and about 5 minutes, and I made a little girl (who had forgotten all about it) very happy!



I finished off the cream, not that you can tell from this picture. I'm getting close to the end of the crosses!

I'm really not getting a lot of crafting done. Blerg.

Day 13 - I got the taupe stitched.


Day 14 - Friday was major shopping day, and then I had to pick up the kids. And then there was the urgent stop at the eye doctor, where I got my eye dilated, and it was pretty useless for the rest of the day, so I got no crafting done. :/

Day 15 - Got some of the cream stitched.


Day 14

Finally making some progress on my first Christmas ornament.


Day 14

My curtains are all done!


Bonus picture of my kitty Smokey being cute helping me pin:


I'm so excited to have them finished! This is the biggest project I've ever done and I'm really proud of it, and I hated those boring plain white curtains. Also today I figured out what I was doing wrong to keep my feed dogs from working, which means I can sew much more easily! This is in addition to figure out another mistake I was making that was causing me a lot of frustration with my machine the other day. So now that I can sew without a ton of frustration I want to SEW ALL THE THINGS.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to keep up with crafting this next week because my mom is going to be in town for a visit so I'll be really busy every day, but I'm hoping to still be able to do at least a bit of stuff.


day 14 + intro

Taking a break from the afghan before I go crazy. Made a cozy for my Kindle using Caron Simply Soft Tweed. I still need to add a button or some velcro. I'm going to make 2 more for my parents' tablets.

Forgot about the intro part when this started. My name is Katie. My main crafts are crochet, cross stitch, and beading. Really hoping to give quilting a try this month! I have plans to get more into wood burning too.

Read more...Collapse )

Day 13

First two curtains are done done done!


I think they're supercute! They're not perfect but I'm ok with that. I'm really excited, I've hated these boring white curtains for as long as I've lived here, and also this is the biggest project I've ever done so I'm proud of myself for almost being done with it. I should be able to do the other two curtains tomorrow, but they're forecasting major storms here, so I hope the power stays on so I can use my machine!


Day 13

Tonight I pulled out the Big Shot and did nothing but die cut metallic paper while watching Poirot. I enjoyed the show as a teenager and it helps to pass the time. The die cuts are the ones in my last post and I'll be making a big batch of Christmas cards in the near future!


Day 12

Was too exhausted to craft yesterday but I got back to it today, and I finished the fourth and final of the quilts for my curtains!


The only major mishap today was I realized after I'd sewn it in that one of the squares was too big so I tried to cut it down and I ended up making it jagged--dammit! It's this synthetic stretchy fabric I got at a flea market, like a few of the other squares, and I'm having a really hard time working with that stuff. I'm definitely sticking to cottons from now on.

I love this Washington-themed fabric I got at my neighborhood fabric store a few days ago:


Also I forgot to post but on Monday I started knitting the purse my friend and I are both knitting right now. I've only done a few rows so far cos my priority is finishing these curtains right now, but at least I started. It requires a few techniques I haven't done before and I hope I'm doing them correctly. Sometimes it's hard trying to teach yourself things all by yourself. Can anyone recommend an active knitting community here on LJ?

Day 12

I've been working on a cross-stitch ornament (well, cross-stitch on plastic canvas), but so far I've only done pale blue on white canvas, so there isn't much point taking a pic. Hopefully tomorrow!

Days 9-12

I apologise for being a bit absent. I've been dealing with some chronic pain issues coupled with a very busy schedule. I've been able to make some time for crafting, but not posting. Anyway, to the pictures!

Day 9
I had a beading meetup and I beaded! I made a pair of earrings to match an existing necklace.


This is my attempt at beaded spider earrings. This was my fourth attempt. It got much bigger than I expected. I'll finish this, but I don't like it enough to make another.


Day 10-11
I worked on filling in all those little holes in The Sorceress.


Day 12
I started to work on The Sorceress, and decided to start a new color. I ended up picking the wrong color, had trouble pulling out the color, and then lost my needle, so I gave up for the day.


Day 9 - New Stuff!

x-posted to craftgrrl

I bought the magnetic platform for my Big Shot - both Sizzix products. It seems like wafer thin metal dies are all the rage and I had not seen it for sale at Michaels, so I ordered it from Stampin' Up. What a game changer! I could only dream of positioning things so neatly and using up all my paper years ago :-) It does say, however, to not use the product if you have a pacemaker. The die set pictured is called Pretty Pines and I die cut loads of little embellishments from silver and gold metallic paper for Christmas cards.


Day 12 - Making Instagram Cards

I made some Instagram cards tonight. They're 5x7" blank cards with a 4x4" photo on the front. The local photo lab can print them. Most of them turn out pretty good, although some look grainy or just plain awful with certain filters! I started selling them last year and I was pleased with how well they took off. My first craft sale of the season is October 22, so I'm going to be prepping lots! Here's my link if you want to see pictures of my bird or crafts :-D


Day 10

Thanskgiving was busy, but I managed to get some crafting in. I photographed models for my latest SVG cutting file on Etsy and costed out materials for a new Christmas card. It snowed and it was kind of a lazy day!


Day 9

Didn't do any crafting on Saturday, but today I finally finished the 6th floor support! Now I can move on to some Christmas presents!

Need to decide which to tackle first... these or these. Hmm.

Day 8

Very good day! I sewed the third of my curtain-quilts all just today!


I get frustrated when I'm sewing a lot because my machine acts up or because I make stupid mistakes, but as I get more practice I'm making stupid mistakes less often, and I realized tonight that I think the main reason my machine gets so cranky is cos I've been using cheap thread, so I'm gonna get better thread from now on. When things are going smoothly like they were tonight I love sewing!

Also today I went to my awesome local fabric store to get some fabric for the last three squares for the final quilt. They had bundles of fat quarters for much less money than I was expecting to have to pay, and I love the fabric in the bundle I got! Three of the fat quarters are this SUPERCUTE Washington-themed fabric (I'm in Seattle), and after I use one of them for the quilt I think there will be enough from the other two to make a small bag or maybe combine with some other fabric to make a skirt! I'm excited!

And then finally my friend and I changed our minds about the knitting project we're going to do together. The one I originally picked out requires double-pointed needles, which I don't have (I didn't see that when I picked the pattern, I was just looking at the needle size), and my friend said she was getting really frustrated when she started on it and if it was hard for her it was gonna be really hard for me as a beginner! So instead we're making this, which is also really cute and looks simple enough even for me.
I spent a frustrating few hours filling in some of the stitches I managed to miss when I first stitched the color. I kept misreading the chart, which led to a lot of confusion. ( I blame pain.)


Day 6 and Day 8

I joined a Stamping Up stamping club and am having a lot of fun with it! On Thursday we made some cards and I finished them up today, plus started on a creative challenge card for the club too! I have been making my own cards for years but so far I am enjoying the idea exchange and friendship :-)


Day 7 - Craft haul

We went out for a belated birthday dinner yesterday, so not much in the way of crafting happened. I did get a box of craft supplies in the mail though and I am looking forward to a cozy day testing them out!

I ordered a bunch of paper from Stampin Up because it is on sale for October along with a bunch of stamp pads and extras such as the fine tip glue pen. It is seriously fine! I also ordered an envelope punch board. I have a Crafter's Companion envelope maker from years ago, so I wanted to compare the two. The SU punch board is made by We R.

Day 7

Made some real progress on a project for the first time today! I put new thread and a new needle in my sewing machine and now it's cooperating again, so I was able to finish sewing the second quilt for my curtains. I also cut out all the squares for the third one. Yay!



Days 6 and 7

I think I am done with the yellow!

20161006 20161007

Day 7

I'm almost finished the 6 floor supports for the dollhouse. ALMOST. And this time I come bearing pics to prove it. They're probably among the worst pics in existence, but at least you know they came from me. ;)

And they're under hereCollapse )

Day 5

I drew an alphabet yesterday. Hubs always complains that I don't use my downstairs desk enough, so there is a pic behind the cut. My desk is in the basement and although the light is good, I prefer the kitchen table because that's where my bird is :)


Day 5 - Yet more yellow

Still working on the yellow in The Sorceress.


Day 5

Oops forgot to post last night... I've finished 5 of 6 floor supports for the dollhouse! Just one more, then I can take a break from dollhousing to work on a Christmas gift.

Day 5

I think this is only borderline crafty, but it is making something, so I'm gonna say it counts. I made 55 pinback buttons today. Eight of them are for me and the rest are all going in my Etsy shop. They all had They Might Be Giants, my favourite band, on them--I have a whole section of my shop with stuff related to them and it sells really well. I'm hoping some of these sell fast, cos I'm really broke right now and I need money for a tattoo I'm getting at the end of the month.

I did make plans for another crafty thing I'm going to do this month today which is my friend and I who are knitting the same thing together picked out our pattern--we're making these armwarmers. I hope they're not too complicated for me!


Day 4

I got a little more done on the bottom on the robe on a bus to and from a birthday dinner!



October is National Craft-Making Month!

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