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Day 4

Today was frustrating! I spent an hour trying to sew one of the quilts I'm making to put over my curtains, but I had to stop because a bunch of thread was bunching up on the underside of the fabric, which is a perpetual problem with my machine. I've posted about this before in the sewing comm sew_hip so I have some suggestions from people there for ways to solve the problem, but I ended up being too frustrated to mess around with it any more today. I'm hoping to make more progress tomorrow! My mom is visiting me in a couple of weeks and I'd like to have the curtains done by then so I can show them off to her.


Day 4

I've finished 3 supports for the dollhouse now, and I've started the 4th. I need 6 in all. SO MUCH FUN...

I really need to start taking pics, don't I?

Also today I got the kits I'll need to make some Christmas presents! So at some point I'll have to get started on those. Why don't I ever start making stuff for Christmas in September??

Day 3 + Day 4

I was actually out of town the past couple days. My grandmother passed away and her funeral was today. We did have a little fun yesterday going shopping and I paid a visit to a Canadian chain arts and crafts store called DeSerres. It used to be two floors, now it is just one. It's still full of great stuff! Part of me is a little disappointed that I only bought a roll of washi tape!

Today was just super long as we had a three hour drive to get home! I am planning and collecting supplies for my day 2 samples.



Hi, I've been part of this group for a while now, at least a year.

I do random crafts, but mostly crochet and sewing. Right now I've got two baby blankets I need to finish (one by January and the other by April) and three dresses for my daughter.

I haven't done any crafting in the last couple weeks due to life being a bit hectic right now, but hopefully I can get back to my projects soon!

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Hello! I'm Quinn. *waves* I just joined this community last week after seeing it linked in another crafting community I'm in. October was supposed to be my chance to take a break, because I did a challenge to write a short story every day last month and then I always do NaNoWriMo in November, but here I am anyway! I'm a sucker for challenges like this, apparently.

The two crafts I'm really focusing on right now are sewing and knitting, but I'm still very much a beginner at both, so my projects are definitely not perfect. So I'm kind of afraid to show pictures of my stuff that's full of mistakes to y'all who must all be very good! I like to do scrapbooking too, and I've done a bit of needle-felting and thought that was fun.

The projects I'm currently working on are sewing patchwork quilts to sew over my boring white curtains, sewing a dress from a vintage pattern I got at a thrift store, knitting a scarf, and then a friend and I are going to start another knitting project together but we're still picking a pattern. I've also been finding a lot of supercute project ideas on the website Craftbits so I might make some of those, maybe getting a jumpstart on Christmas gifts? And I have so much stuff waiting to be scrapbooked!


day 4

I got some new 6/0 seed beads in the mail and fell in love with them. Made some bracelets for my shop:




Day 3

Someone ordered some notebooks from me, so the top row are the ones I didn't have in stock and had to make.

Below that - someone gave me some pieces of scrapbook paper, so these are what I was able to salvage.


Day 3

Didn't quite finish the 2nd floor support, but I did work on it!

Day 3

I got a chunk more of the bottom of the cloak done while watching an episode of Leverage.


Day 2 - Bracelets

I have a friend who likes to order bracelets from me every so often so she can hand them out to some volunteers that work for her. Well, I hadn't heard from her in almost a year, until this morning. She needs 20 more bracelets.

These bracelets are made from paper that I have cut out of magazines. I don't make these bracelets all that much because the beads take quite awhile to do and the bracelets take forever to sell. But I still had a ton of beads left, so I assembled about 25 of them, and will make some more to add variety.

There are size 6/0 seed beads between the paper beads.



Intro Post


My name is Amy. I normally do some form of crafting every day. I've been a member of this community for several years, but have never posted before because uploading pictures sucks. Though I will make another post and see how it goes lol.

I have a bead addiction. I started out making my own paper beads and I made so many that I had to start an Etsy store to get rid of some of them. With that money, I purchased more beads. And more beads. And more beads.

Then I started doing some scrapbook crafts, making mini notebooks. Now I have more paper than I can ever use in 5 years!

...I feel I am also a bit of a hoarder....

Day 2

I don't have a picture to share, but what I did today was pretty boring anyway - I finished one floor support for my plastic canvas dollhouse (kind of a rectangular box) and started another. Reminded me why I hate the assembly stage, haha! But I persevered!

Day 2

I got a tiny bit more done on The Sorceress. It was a busy day!


Day 2 - Sketching

Today was not as crafty as I hoped - I was busy doing other things and then I found myself spending an hour writing while at Tim Horton's (a Canadian coffee shop chain). I posted a new SVG file on Etsy though and sketched the samples I was supposed to make. I wish my crafty girlfriends hadn't moved away...I would totally invite them over for crafternoon!

Planning samples for a new cutting file


Day 1

Hi there!

I'm going to be working on finishing up UFOs this month, I think. Right now I'm doing a test knit which I am hoping to finish today but that might be too ambitious. Definitely I will finish it this week.

After that I will see. I have tons of projects!

Day 1

Hello, all! I'm Meg, and I think this is my 3rd year doing NaCraMaMo. I do lots of different kinds of crafting - crochet, knooking, cross-stitch, plastic canvas, bead work... but I actually haven't done a single crafty thing in almost a year. I KNOW, RIGHT??

I'll need to start working on Christmas presents later in the month, but to start with I'd like to finish my plastic canvas school house, which I think I started during NaCraMaMo TWO YEARS AGO. I'm at the assembly stage, but I hate the assembly stage, so I haven't touched it in ages. Hopefully NaCraMaMo will give me the push I need to finish it!

However, day 1 has come and gone, and so far all I've done is read through the next part of the instructions. But that counts, right??

Day 1 & Intro Post

Hello! I'm kymellin/kym/Kim (depending on the situation). This is not my first year doing NaCraMaMo, and it won't be my last to not complete the month. I wasn't going to do anything because I have revision surgery on my left foot scheduled for the 20th if I get approved. But I have a lot to do before then, at least half of it craft-related. I am an old fat woman in Arizona who is tired of not being able to walk or stand for any length of time. I've been mostly a hermit for the last decade due to chronic pain and the last couple of years I have been trying to work through that pain with my crafts.

Stretch Bracelet: Carved Bone And Red Tiger EyeCollapse )

Oct. 2nd, 2016

Not the first afghan I've started but I'm hoping this will be the first one I finish :) It's folded up here but it's roughly 3 feet long.

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Intro post + Day 1

This is my second year doing nacramamo. I had lots of fun doing it!

Today was World Card Making Day. I did not make a card. Unfortunately the weather was super blah and I was feeling poorly, so I was only able to get a little crafting done. On top of that, light disappears pretty fast, so I would not be able to get a good picture anyway. I test cut a new alphabet that I designed on my Pazzles. I have been making more and more SVG files for sale. There seems to be a real untapped market for them and I can offer more than just clip art :-)


Day 1

The kids were gone for the afternoon, so I had some quiet time with The Sorceress and The Navajo Mysteries.


2016 Intro post

Hi, all you challenge crafters! I'm one of your community maintainers. You can call me LadyThmpr, or LT, because I don't use my real name on my blogs. My primary hats this year are SAHM to twin almost-five-year-olds, household goddess, gluten-free baker, and a (hopefully more frequent) crafter and artist. My main crafting interests are cross stitch and beading. I live in the SF Bay area in California. I tend to binge-watch TV while doing my crafts. I read science fiction commuting to and from my kids' school and in the 10 minutes I manage to stay awake once Ive gone to bed.

This year during NaCraMaMo, I have some jewelry sets I want to complete that I think I didn't do last year, finish stitching The Sorceress, make earrings to sell during the Gift-Giving Season (I really didn't make the CA BOE happy enough last year!), get my website up to sell the above-mentioned earrings, do finishing work (wash, iron, back and frame) several cross stitch pieces and four latch hook pieces, and fix a couple of pieces that I really want to wear again.

I think I'm a little ambitious!

Admin post

Hi all! I'm one of your maintainers.

Most of what you need to know about NaCraMaMo is on the profile page. I'm here to help you out with any questions about or problems with the community itself. Feel free to contact me via PM or via post regarding just about anything about the community.

Please use tags! All members of the community should be able to to create new tags and use existing tags. If you have a problem adding a tag, let me know. Please check to see if your tag exists before adding it. I reserve the right to merge similar tags.


NaCraMaMo starts TOMORROW!

Are you ready? :)

Please make an introduction post, to let us know a little about you, and perhaps what you have planned to do during the month of October!

Playing catch-up

Here's what I've been doing the past few months!

Lots of pictures!Collapse )

I'm ready to start NaCraMaMo now!
More green! I had to pull a couple rows and start the original green again, but I fixed it and added more!

I'm now starting the bottom of another letter! :)


October, which starts a week from tomorrow on my side of the world, is National Craft Making Month! Craft every day for the month of October!

I've been crafting semi-regularly, but less than I'd like (as always, it seems!). NaCraMaMo always seems good for kicking off regular crafting again, especially as we go into the Gift-Giving season.

Who's going to join me in the NaCraMaMo challenge?

Progress, finally!

I've been working on this blanket for what feels like FOREVER already and it's not even half done. :(

Most of it has just been because it's all one color and just single crochet. So it looks like I'm not making progress.

But today I FINALLY got to change colors!! Only for a couple stitches, but it still feels like I've finally gotten somewhere.



So yesterday I had fifteen rows done and I was pretty excited until I realized my corner looked funny.

Somehow I had dropped enough stitches that I was short seven stitches. So I had to pull. And pull. Down to row 3. :(

Then today when I got it out, I had the "brilliant" idea of taking the loose yarn of the skein so it would be easier to work with.

Yeah. Won't be doing that again.frustration ensuesCollapse )

Took me an hour to untangle it all. I almost gave up and cut it twice.

But I got four rows done. I started at six, so I'm back up to ten!

New project

Decided to make a blanket for a friend that is expecting her first baby in January.

I couldn't find a pattern that I liked, so I made my own.

I have never made a blanket, or a pattern, or done lettering. With the help of a program online, I was able to make a pattern. I had to tweak it a little, but I'm happy with it now.

Hopefully my finished project will turn out!

So many days...

But not every day. So much family drama!

Enough pics to put behind a cut, though.

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Four days of work on The Sorceress

12 June

13 June

14 June

16 June

I skipped 15 June because Life, and too much driving.

Behind in posting...

05 June - My attempt at making bead links using a “pop bead” technique. I finished off the links that I started last month, and made them into a necklace and earrings. I think I am going to add crystals for some sparkle.

20160605a 20160605c 20160605b

04 - 08 June
20160604 20160606-07 20160608

08 - 11 June

20160609 20160610 20160611
#30for30crafting gave me such incentive that I’m going to continue the daily (well, maybe not *every* day) post of my WIPs.

20160602 20160603

This is the piece I ended May with. Work of 2 and 3 June. Terrible photos, sorry! I got the deep purple in the cloak going on!

(Can you tell that I’m a wee bit tired?)

#30for30crafting Bonus Day 31!

20160531a 20160531b

See that little patch of purple in the first picture? I frogged that today. It was the wrong color purple. It took FOREVER! (I was at a park and had forgotten to bring clippers or scissors.)

May is over! Thanks to #30for30crafting challenge for the kick in the pants! I got a LOT done!

#30for30crafting, Days 27, 28, 29, and 30

I wasn’t sure that I would craft all four days I was away, but I think I crafted more than 30 minutes every day but Day 30!

May 27 - More back stitching on the ornament, whee!


May 28 - Finished stitching the ornament!


May 29 - Stitched another purple beaded star (like the one I stitched on Day 1)!


May 30 - Made the finishing touches on the star I stitched on Day 29, and then made the two stars into earrings!


#30for30crafting, Day 26

More backstitching! (I hates it, I does!)


I’m off for the weekend, so I probably won’t post this weekend’s progress until Monday.

#30for30crafting Days 23, 24, and 25

Day 23 - I’ve started the back stitching!


Day 24 - My Mom needed a new lanyard, so I strung her one from beads in my sorting box. (I really didn’t have time to rummage through my collection to design!) The only bead not from the sorting box is her signature pig.

Day 25 - I attached the findings on the lanyard. (My eyes are getting too old for fine work at 11pm!)


#30for30crafting Day 22

Looks like the last time I worked on this little piece was 29 April. And trust me, what I got done today took longer than 30 minutes. *sigh*

This is the cross stitch that wishes to defeat me. (Yes, there is a story…)


#30for30crafting, Days 20 and 21

On Day 20, I finished the bumblebee (yay!) and started the flower. (My girls picked it up at my last visit to SCRAP and have been bugging me to get it done!)

20160520a 20160520b

On day 21, I finished the flower!


I did a lot of work during baseball games, and I think I’ll make that a new “rule”: I must craft during ball games. :)

#30for30crafting, Days 16, 17, 18, and 19

I’ve worked on the bumblebee latch hook this week, but could never get around to posting. In the last photo, I have only 1 ½ columns to go to be finished with the yarn hooking!

May 16 and 17

20160516 20160517

May 18 and 19

20160518 20160519

#30for30crafting Day 15


It was too late to take a decent picture last night. As you see, I did not finish. Oh well. It’ll probably be a few days before I get back to it; I have a key lanyard that needs to be done before Wednesday.

#30for30crafting Days 13 and 14

I really wanted to do some beadweaving yesterday, but I couldn’t find my kit (which I spent at least 30 minutes over the course of the evening looking for). I’ve now realised that it’s probably in the van. Oh well. So, at the eleventh hour, I put in a few columns on the bumblebee.


Today, we had a B5 viewing party, and I worked much more than 30 minutes. If I have rug in hand to work on during tomorrow’s baseball game, I might actually finish!


#30for30crafting Days 11 and 12

I did more than the 30 minutes both days, but couldn’t manage enough to get the pictures posted. I did make a change in the design colors. I took out the gorgeous vibrant purple that I loved so much (that showed blue in the pictures) because I thought it didn’t match well with the other colors. The slightly muted violet I used in its place works much better.

Day 11

Day 12

#30for30crafting Day 10


I spent most of today’s 30 minutes refining the design of the wings, finishing off the wings, and finding the background colors. The background colors are shades of purple, not blue (my camera does funny things to purple, and taking the picture at night didn’t help).

#30for30crafting Day 9


I stayed up late last night to finish hooking the ladybug!

#30for30crafting Day 8

I finished the last of the repairs for my mom's friend.



#30for30crafting Day 7

Today’s crafting was mostly about repairing things. My mom’s friend recently gave me three things to repair; I was able to do two of them today.

20160507a 20160507b

20160507c 20160507d

And then, I didn’t quite get the ladybug latch hook finished.


#30for30crafting Day 6


Plugging along! I might be able to finish tomorrow!

#30for30crafting Day 5


I got a good chunk of latch hook done this morning between storytime and the playground!


October is National Craft-Making Month!

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