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Day 9 & 10: Homework!

I guess this counts :-D I am making a paper sphere as part of my homework project. Yesterday I cut out all the large pieces and covered them in Cricut vinyl (yes, you can hand cut with it). I was going to assemble it today, but then I realized I should assemble a small model first to get the hang of it. It is a little tricky--there is a top and bottom with eight rings and twelve segments.

I designed it using which is a very nifty site for anything 3D.

Paper sphere

Days 4, 5, 6

The days are toooooo busy. And, if you've followed my history here at all, I'm doing well if I manage to post every-other day.

Day 4

We had a birthday in the house, so I made a huge birthday dinner, including dessert, which took about three hours, and really precluded doing any other crafting, but dessert is crafting, so here's a picture of birthday pear-blueberry cobbler.


Day 5

Back to the cross stitch


Day 6

I made time for my weekly Wednesday stitch-in, and managed to stitch about 125 stitches in 2 hours!


Day 1

I'm working mostly a single WIP this year. It's a 2019 Mystery SaL that was supposed to be completed in 8 weeks, I think. That means one was supposed to stitch 150 stitches A DAY. HaHAHAHAHhahaha. Some days, I'm lucky to get in 25, if I manage to stitch at all. Anyway I worked on page 2 most of the summer, and made decent progress. However, I stalled in August when I hit all the leftover confetti and I've only been working on it once or twice a week with my stitch-in group.

Progress through 2021 09 29


Today, I finished all of the confetti!


On to page 3!

2021 Introduction

Hi all,

I am your worldly-burdened moderator, LadyThmpr (I don't use my real name in social media). I'm a domestic Goddess and SAHM to twin girls almost 10 For crafting, I mostly bead, cross stitch, and bake, with occasional forays into latch hook, sewing, ceramic painting, and mixed-media.

This year, my household is moving into our very own house sometime in late October or early November, so most of my brain will be dealing with that in addition to all the usual everyday stuff. I expect that I'm not going to get very much crafting done. In addition, I'm going to limit my crafting (mostly) to my current cross-stitch WIP, as it's small and portable, and I have to search less for its component parts. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful and varied crafts all of you do during NaCraMaMo!

Are you ready for NaCraMaMo 2021?

I'm not, not really. But October starts in 5 days, whether we're ready or not.

The world is still crazy, and the pandemic isn't gone by a long shot, and in many ways, I think I'm still just getting through the days.

I rise to the challenge though. Come join me in any way that the challenge makes sense to you.

Please post an introduction, and let us know what you might work on.

Beyond October...

This is project 3 from my Tuesday class that I worked on in October. It's a tube dress that doubles as a lap blanket. It needs more structure, like a bodice in the top and heftier straps. I didn't realize how heavy the yarn would be.

I made this dress to memorialize Calgary's 2013 flood. You may have heard of temperature scarves. This is a rainfall gauge! I converted mm of rainfall to inches and inches into rows. If you count down from the top, May and June were the rainiest months. It hugs the body like a river hugs the land. I feel this piece will help me talk about the importance of the Bow River should anyone ask me about the dress.

240 rows
Panel 1--130 needles
Panel 2--20 needles
Red Heart So Soft and Loops & Threads yarn.

Rain gauge tube dress in blue and white