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Day 13: Potion Bottle

I still have a good day of drafting to finish the messenger bag; no pictures because it really doesn't show up. But I was left an empty whisky bottle last time my kid and his fiance were over, and decided to do the obvious - relabel it for Halloween. I printed out a "Wolfsbane Potion" label from one of those free Halloween printable sites. I soaked the bottle in soapy, hot water to remove the old label and clean the bottle. I sealed the printed label in acrylic spray before using Modge Podge to adhere the new label. I see where instructions say to Modge Podge the entire bottle; it's hard to do just the label, but that is what I wanted. Then I braided a leather suede lacing with some bone beads. I am now using the bottle to store my katnip (a blended alcohol drink).

IronCraft 1520: Wolfsbane Potion Bottle  (Halloween Decor)
Wolfsbane Potion Bottle (Halloween Decor) - Jubei cat wants to play with it so bad!
Tags: 2015, day 13, halloween, nacramamo

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